Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spartan Superway Academic Program Basic Class Objectives

This slideshow explains the basic objectives of the Spartan Superway Academic Program. If you can't see the window here, you may need to change settings on your browser. It works in normal mode with the Chrome browser.

Monday, September 4, 2017

UJ Futran visits Futran test track

On September 4, 80+ senior Civil Engineering students from the University of Johannesburg visited the Futran Systems test track north of Brits in South Africa.

A few more photos are posted here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

University of Johannesburg designs Futran System

The University of Johannesburg Civil Engineering senior capstone project for 2017 is to design a solar-powered, suspended podcar network for Johannesburg under the sponsorship of Futran Systems. The 8 student teams are designing routes, structures, and stations, with attention to structural engineering, geotech, water systems (such as toilet facilities for passengers), and more.

As a pioneering academic institution in this emerging field, UJ is also developing a curriculum for advanced studies in sustainable public transit.

The students are beginning to create their individual and group blogs as a tool to exchange information with others who are working in parallel with them. These blogs can be seen on their project blog:
The project teams have been informed about the SPARTAN Superway, another pioneering parallel initiative at San José State University in Silicon Valley.

More details about the San José State program can be seen here:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Summer 2017 Research Experience for Undergraduate & Graduate students

Tired of traffic, fossil fuel usage, and pollution?
Do you want to work on a new paradigm for urban transportation – solar-powered automated rapid transit ascendant network (SPARTAN) and get practical, real-world experience?
If interested, please go to the following URL and fill out an application:

The Spartan Superway is a new paradigm for sustainable urban transportation that consists of solar-powered automated rapid transit ascendant networks (SPARTAN). SPARTAN features non-stop, on demand, origin-to-destination travel service that is powered by solar energy.
Candidate summer interns will fill out an application (see above) that will help the management team decide which project best fits your interests. There are potential opportunities in Mechatronics, Mechanical Design, Structural Engineering, Solar Design / Generation / Grid Integration, Urban Design and Planning, Vehicle Cabin Design, Power Electronics, Industrial Systems Engineering, and Mobile App Development.
There are two options for SJSU housing (8 week stay minimum for program):
  1. SJSU International House:
    1. I-House Summer Application: Start date June 1st, 2017. End Date August 1st, 2017. $30 / Night → 8 weeks = $1,680 + $100 for linens, with possible $50 rebate for linens.
    2. Campus Village Building Application: Start date June 1st, 2017. End date August 11th, 2017.  Rates vary from $195 - $365 / week dependent upon availability + $15 for linen package. Minimum Price: $1,575. Maximum Price: $2,935
    3. Round trip flights from your home → San Jose → and return = $500-$1000 (?)
    4. Food costs = ~$50 / week = $400
For more information, please contact:

Eric Hagstrom - Spartan Superway General Manager:
Prof. Burford Furman - Spartan Superway Co-Director:
Ron Swenson - Spartan Superway Co-Director:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Announcing 2017 Spartan Superway Summer Workshop

The Solar Skyways Network is now reaching out to students from universities around the world to join us for the summer months of June and July (2017) as interns at the Spartan Superway Design Center in Silicon Valley. There you will collaborate with your peers from several countries to continue the multidisciplinary development of elevated solar powered public transit under the guidance of professors, mentors from industry, and guest experts. You will work in a well-equipped shop and will have support to obtain software and materials from a wide range of well-stocked suppliers and proficient specialty fabricators in Silicon Valley.
Spartan Superway Design Center
St. John Station
To date the Spartan Superway has hosted interns from universities in Brazil, France, South Korea, Sweden, and the USA — in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Summer 2015
Summer 2016
Reports of the interns' accomplishments to date can be found in the extensive INIST online library as well as in their blogs. (See links on the Spartan Superway blog).

To learn more

You are welcome to use the comment feature here to communicate with Solar Skyways. Please indicate "PRIVATE" if you want your comments and questions to be private. Otherwise, we will moderate and publish your comments and questions as appropriate.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Three Garages

Two garages have had a great impact on Silicon Valley.

Hewlett-Packard Garage 1939
Birthplace of Silicon Valley
Steve Jobs' Parents' Garage 1976

And now there's another garage in town, holding up the Silicon Valley tradition.

Spartan Superway Design Center
(before the transformation)
128 East Saint John Street, San Jose

Thanks to the folks at Exhibition District, creating amazing opportunities that make San José attractive to new investment and strong talent, the Spartan Superway Design Center (a.k.a. Garage) has a fresh new look.

SSDC now shows how Spartan Superway will look in downtown San José.

The Spartan Superway team at San José State is conducting advanced R&D to develop the first Sustainable Mobility System for Silicon Valley.

The 2016-2017 Spartan Superway team

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Summer 2016 Team is hard at work designing and prototyping the Spartan Superway

Introducing the summer 2016 team of interns from the USA, Brazil, France and South Korea.

20 Engineering interns from Brazil
and 4 San Jose State interns in June, before the others arrived

Interns from France arrived just in time for Intersolar

Interns from South Korea also arrived in early July
and they joined us at Intersolar in San Francisco

See more details on the Spartan Superway blog. (Team blogs are on the left, individual blogs are on the right.)